Welcome to the Postsynaptic Interaction Database!

The Postsynaptic Interaction Database is a comprehensive resource of the human postsynaptic (PS) binary protein-protein interactions. It contains experimental and computational evidence about interactions, along with structural and disease-related information about the human PS proteins.

The PSINDB web-server provides data integration coupled with manual curation. PSINDB collects interaction evidence from several other resources. In addition our team also takes part in collecting and curating related papers to expedite the annotation of PS related proteins.

PSINDB offers common format download and community standard curation process and data interpretation to ensure interoperability with other resources.

PSINDB enables exploring proteins and their interactions. The database offers various visualizations for the data stored, where interacting regions, structural features, disease-causing mutations, and network information is easily accessible. PSINDB also displays detailed information about each interaction evidence, including but not limited to interaction detection method, experimental and biological role of participants.

You can read more about the database in the descriptive article or in the database manual.

2160 postsynaptic proteins
11671 pubmed IDs
145395 unique binary interactions
135709 experimental evidence

For the usage of the PSINDB homepage please refer to the server manual. If you find our database useful, please cite it:

Zsofia E. Kalman, Daniel Dudola, Balint Meszaros, Zoltan Gaspari, Laszlo Dobson
PSINDB: The postsynaptic protein-protein interaction database
Database, Volume 2022, 2022, baac007